Cinder Block Fence
Cinder Blocks
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Check each block if it is in accordance with the wall. Make adjustments and correct the position of the blocks if it is deemed necessary to bring every one of them in line. Pour the cement by using a trowel onto the surface of the cinder block where another block will be placed. Carefully position another block above the cement on the base. Press it up against another block, which is where the cement will hold both bricks at once. Continue doing this process until there is a complete row of bricks that goes all throughout the base.

Place the next row directly above the first then lay partial bricks at the edges and above the joints at all the right angles. Allow a brick to go through the middle of the block, making sure that you work for every three feet. Allow the new row to heal then repeat the procedure up to a time when the wall reaches six feet over the soil.

Fill the top holes of the blocks with wads of paper then pour a bit of concrete onto them until the holes are completely covered. Allow the concrete to heal then dispense a generous amount of concrete into the holes of the blocks to make sure that there are no more visible gaps in every cinder block. Follow these instructions carefully to successfully build a cinder block fence on your own.
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